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Fossil Fuels are the Top Priority
How Renewable Fuel Eliminates Warming

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A car-friendly guide to the future of transport in New Zealand, written for non-technical readers by a car enthusiast and manufacturing engineer.

“… well-researched… pragmatic… excellent… concise… startled… correct… a strategy for action… easy to read… well-referenced… humorous… realistic…”— Dr. Ir. Ron McDowall (Engineering Insight, March, 2011, p. 48)

If you want to fix transport-related greenhouse emissions, ask an engineer who actually LIKES cars.

“… a thorough and patient exploration of the means by which we can end our reliance on fossil fuels.”—Bryan Walker (

Science clearly shows that humanity must totally stop pumping fossil carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. From Smoke to Mirrors is the first book to fully investigate potential solutions based on existing technology.

“… explains, in very practical easy to understand terms, how New Zealand can lead the world in becoming fossil fuel free… This type of information is usually put together in a difficult to read scientific textbook format, but Kevin has done a great job making it readable and easy to understand. Highly recommended.”—John Murphy (NZ Trucking, December 2010, p. 13)

From Smoke to Mirrors brings together information and analysis from New Zealand and overseas engineers and scientists. Written by a former manufacturing engineer who now specialises in writing about technology for non-technical readers.

“This is a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the subject of transport, the environment and the application of ground-breaking technology—which should be just about everyone.”—Glenn H. Baker (DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing Magazine, November 2010, p. 33)


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The car-friendly guide to eliminating man-made greenhouse emissions.

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The prospect of global warming exceeding 2°C makes most climate scientists nervous.

Humanity needs to limit total carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, cement production, and land use change, since the mid 18th century, to a maximum of one trillion tonnes of carbon.

If we don't, global warming from these emissions will very likely exceed 2°C.

Updated 8 May 2013

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